Hermes is an app for Mac and Windows that allows you to Code the Tello Edu drone with Scratch blocks

Puzzled Clues

Puzzled Clues is a website built for the take home Puzzled Escape Games puzzle box.


Janus is a Minecraft plugin and website for creating a Twitch based whitelist.


Athena is a Discord ticketing bot for running support on a Discord server

The Tranquility

The Tranquility is a gameboy game I made for Ludum Dare 46

SwiftUI Quiz Game

I created a simple SwiftUI Quiz Game Tutorial

Deal with the Devil

Deal with the Devil is a gameboy game I made for Ludum Dare 45


StreamLink is an App Inventor Extension created as a part of an NSF project titled GIRLS Immersed in Robotics Learning Simulations.

Robotic Mini Golf

With a small group of students I worked on building a robotic mini golf course for the Holyoke Public library.

Chicken Tooth

A native iPad client for Rooster Teeth video content.

Trend Master

Comparing Apples and Oranges with Alexa.


Making the creation of Minecraft add-ons simple.

Introduction to Swift

A simple class I taught in how to make tic tac toe in Swift.

First HAB Launch

I started working with goMake to build out a app to track HABs.

Making a Minecraft Creeper in TinkerCAD

A tutorial I made for making a crepper in TinkerCAD to be 3D printed.

Battlebot Restoration

Attempting to restore a battle bot found at a vocational school.


A fan Pokemon game using RoosterMons from the RT Extra Life stream poster.

Xbox 360 Indie Development

I recently learned about the Microsoft Dreamspark program, and the Indie Dev tools for the Xbox 360.

Sunflower Dance Party

This is a simulation I made in Maya for a class at UMass Amherst in high school.

20 Years in Five Minutes

This is a simulation I made in Maya for a class at UMass Amherst in high school.

Solar Calc

SolarCalc is an app that helps you size your grid tied solar array to offset any portion (or all!) of your electric bill.

Spherical Gravity Game

This was an idea for a game I had where you would solve puzzles on a series of spherical planets.

OSC Controller

Using an Arduino with Processing I built an OSC remote control.

Planet Explor

This game/educational tool was created using Unity and NASA 3D Resources.

Augmented Reality Demo

I made this project after watching the HoloLens announcement.

Flappy Taffy

I made this game using Unity for some friends in my homeschool group.

FTC Scout

This app was developed in 2014 using AI2 to allow FTC teams to share scouting data in one global database.


I created Markbot in 2014 as my friend Mark was leaving for college.

Musical Floppy Drive

Using an Arduino, Floppy Disk Drive, and an old computer power supply I created a system that allows the playback of music on a single floppy drive.


This game was made in about 20 minutes to test uploading games to Kongregate.

Simple Game

This is the project I have the least information about, but I am including it here because of its importance to myself.

Hexbug RC Car

This RC car was made by using a hex bug, some hot glue, and LEGO pieces.