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Welcome to Orange Haus

Jacob Bashista

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This site serves to document and show various projects I have built over my time as a developer.

When possible, I included a link to source code/binaries, but often the source is lost to time.

Released Projects


Chicken Tooth Beta

Trend Master

goMake Mobile App

MinelyMod Not Written

FTC Scout


StreamLink (App Inventor)


Goats in the Grotto - Ludum Dare 43

Extra Trash - Ludum Dare 42

Super Bario Man - Ludum Dare 41

The Paper - Ludum Dare 40

Flappy Taffy


AlexaPi Tutorial

OpenCV Tutorial

Snapchat Lens Studio Tutorial

Arduino Tutorials

3D Game Club

April Fools Pranks with Tamper Monkey

Processing Tutorials

2D Game Club

Unity Tutorial

Swift Tutorial

Creeper CAD Model Tutorial


Full Archive