Trend Master

App Feb 12, 2019

Amazon used to host nearly month hackathons for building Alexa skills when they were first launching the system and I always wanted to join one, but either forgot, ran out of time, or just couldn't think of anything.

The January 2019 hackathon came around and I thought I should actually try and make something. This is when I made Trend Master, a skill that can compare two items with Google Trends and tells you who won. This is based off a game show on Youtube I watch with the same name.

I mainly entered because the participation award was a Echo Dot Gen 3 and a Firestick 4K.

You can add the skill to Alexa here.


Jacob Bashista

Jacob Bashista is a driven technical problem solver who collaboratively with professionals creating classes and simulations focuses on AI, Mobile, and VR experiences.